We understand the challenges.


Our deep knowledge of each unique dataset in QA Direct and FactSet allows us to solve puzzles in minutes where it may take an average user hours. Whether it’s security mapping, fundamentals, or estimates data; all vendors and data types are nuanced. We organize the data in a way that will allow you to return properly aligned and accurate results.


Expertise in commonly used financial data feeds

Index Data

Pricing / Exch Data

Fundamental Data

Estimates / Other Data



Quants spend much of their time organizing data to do research. QA Direct cuts down that time by integrating all content into a single database. MDO cuts down that time even further by providing users with an intuitive front-end API to access QA Direct. This allows users with no previous knowledge of QA Direct to be up and running in days, doing research.

We have put a tremendous amount of effort into creating an easy and powerful set of retrieval functions. These functions are the core of the mdo.data API and the MDO platform.


Patrick Howerter

Eddie Sylvester

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