What is a typical consulting project?

6-12 months
– Data integration for all your data needs
– Fast data retrieval optimization
– Factor library buildout
– Research and production model buildout
– Implementation of data and update checks
– User training

What are some use cases once we have our quant platform in R?

Client A
1) Researcher has a new hypothesis to test (new factor)

2) Researcher builds custom factors within minutes in R using mdo factor library. The fast data retrieval process minimizes processing times and allows for 20 to 30 year backtests while you go grab some coffee.

3) Results are good and model goes into production. The same script can be used in research and production effortlessly.

4) Data Validations. All inputs in your model have been checked for abnormalities and will be published before your model scores have been calculated

5) Source control. You have control over what changes are made to your software. You now have full transparency of the historical code used to develop your model.

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